Radio Manancial Iguassu | Testimonials
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Bidding testimonies received through the programs

Testimonials I

Between the many testimonies of people who have received blessings through this issuer and the evangelistic work that we release wish to highlight the following:


A korean lord dwelling in the city of east in Paraguay was always bringing his wife every sundays to cult at the Assembly of God in Foz do Iguaçu on the frontier. His wife went to watch worship and he was waiting in the car up to the end of the worship that was transmitted by the radio, so long, till the holy spirit, through the preaching of the word convinced that Jesus Christ saves only. Today he serves god with all heart and has been a great supporter of this work of radio evangelism.


The wife of this korean brother that we spoke before become Jesus and he did not hope that he was to the cultos.


She feeds her faith through the radio programs and remains firm for more than two years praying in her home and hearing messages and hines by the radio. Today the two serve God united in one faith.

Testimonials II

Another farmer of italian origin, converted and hearing our programming there in the location of marquesita in the municipality of Mateland, had his son diagnosed with acute appendicite. By knowing that his son will have to be operated, he voted a vote to Jesus that if his son was healed that evil would be bringing the total value of the first receipt of his retirement which is coming.


The right day without we expected a taxi man came seeking by the director, brother Francisco Pires. Encouraged to the office, presented him, reported his story and vote done and delivered the value that had promised god together with more than some things produced in his small chateau. Becoming a great friend together with all your family. Praise be done to our God.

Testimonials III

A resident sister in Foz do Iguaçu was fighting a great fight with a child who was involved with drugs and was also involved with a woman that his parents was not approved.


They tried everything to bring the son to home, but he was rejected and until the parents ‘foundation.


Listening to the Range Manancial this sister made a vote to the lord that if his son was free and return to home he will be taking off his offer to help maintain programming in the air. The boy was liberto by the power of god, is in the church serving the lord and his mother and his father biden the bid, fulfilling the vote done to the lord Jesus. Glory to God.

Testimonials IV

Another sister dwelling in Rio Grande do Sul, a dweller in a small site came to be sick of the only kitty that he had to feed their little children in the time.


Being a listener of the radio, he resolved to make a vote by asking that god could take his kitty and give the value of treatment with the veterinary that does not guarantee animal healing.


The animal she rough and she sent her offer and his testimony for mails. Hallelujah! The Lord promises to bless all that is of his servants, including animals.